• CONNECT the USB connector into gaming console or 5v power source. The power indicator and the red dot sight will illuminate.

  • ADJUST. Zoom weapon in. Attach the red dot sight to the screen to align with the cross hairs/sights of your weapon. Adjust the tension of the secondary attachment point.

  • PLAY your game. Leverage the power of HSD for an unmatched gaming experience.

  • USB Powered LED

    Precision led powered by either game system USB hub or external USB power source

  • Micro Thin Lead

    9mm x 300mm

  • USB Power Connector

    Powered via game system USB hub or external USB power supply

  • Water Clear Attachment

    Easily attach and detach to your television or monitor

  • Illuminated Power Indicator

    HSD logo illuminates to indicate power

  • Durable USB Cord

    2m power cord

  • Works great with games like:

    Call of Duty™ Series, Halo™ Series, Battlefield™ Series, 100's more FPS games!

  • How does it work?

    The HipShotDot is an on-screen red dot sight attachment.  Simply align with your in-game sights and attach to your screen to immediately see the difference in aiming, speed and accuracy.

  • What games can it be used with?

    The HipShotDot is designed to work with any first person shooter style game on virtually any gaming platform.

  • What are the advantages?

    It gives an advantage in aiming with improved speed, accuracy and reaction time.  Using HSD allows you to free up slots for other in-game attachments or perks, giving you a greater number of lethal combinations.  HSD is also "EMP proof" taking your performance to the next level.

  • How do I power the HSD?

    The HipShotDot is powered by any 5v USB power source, whether that is your console or an external USB power supply.

  • Where does the HipShotDot connect?

    Simply connect to a power source and HipShotDot temporarily attaches to the screen on almost any television or monitor.

  • How does it attach to the TV or monitor?

    The HipShotDot has two water clear attachment points that easily adhere to the screen.  Simply align with your in-game sights, and you have a powerful addition to your arsenal.

  • How does it come off?

    The HipShotDot has been developed with a quick release design.  When you are done gaming simply pull up on the quick release tabs and HSD will easily come off of the screen.

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